About Us

Advance is an association and a network of Switzerland-based companies that aims to increase the share of women in senior executive positions. Founded in March 2013 following an initiative by female executives from nine leading Switzerland-based companies (ABB, Credit Suisse, GE Capital, IKEA, McKinsey & Company, PwC, Sandoz, Siemens and Swiss Re), Advance offers ambitious female executives in the member companies a program of events, workshops, mentorship, and advice to increase their opportunities for advancement.

The Advance mission is to provide talented women with a program of targeted activities that act as a springboard for them to reach their career objectives. Advance aims to ensure that women occupy 20% of all senior executive positions in its member companies by 2020. Everyone will benefit from this, with research showing that innovation, profitability, and productivity are all higher in mixed-gender teams.

Advance is open to Switzerland-based companies who support the association's mission and would like to benefit from the program and the network. Companies of all sectors and sizes can apply for membership of the association.

Is your company interested in joining Advance? We would be delighted to discuss the conditions and range of services of our Member and Member Plus categories with you. Please address your inquiries to us by sending an e-mail to contact@advance-women.ch.

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