About Us

Welcome to the party.

Event agency GALVANO EVENTS organizes opulent and upscale parties all over this world: From Amsterdam to Cape Town. From Dubai to Oslo. From Prague to Cairo. The most sought after locations and a cheerful, italian sensuality are the lifeblood and pulse of our success, be it the orchestration of a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event.

As an international event agency we are able to deliver unique upscale events with trusted, handpicked partners. The range of our services includes:

Event Development
Budget drafting, location scouting, location preparation, idea & theme development, scheduling, arrival/departure & transportation

Event Design
Location, venue, technical design, audio-visual production, lighting design, decor solutions, staging

Event Catering
Tailor made menus, from rustic to exotic, from buffets to grand banquets

Agenda planning, supervision, dramaturgy, booking (artists, celebs, live acts)

Coordination & sponsorship supervision

Guest service, VIP invitations, accommodation, guest list management, transport & shuttle, hosts & hostesses, security

Energy, location support, environmental & waste management, health & safety, coordination with local authorities, police & the fire department, entry & admission services, close protection

Commercial presence