About Us

Since 1970 we have been working in this sector, at first only in the Ticino area but now, due to our customers’ requests, we have extended our services to the entire country and also beyond Switzerland’s borders.
We offer our customers a complete service: other than the merchandising of ceramics, mosaics (made out of glass, ceramics or stone), natural and artificial stone, we provide both the manufacture and installation of these materials.
Needless to say that owning a laboratory for the manufacture of stone we are able to satisfy every request or exigency.
Thanks to our masons and posers, and our team of expert consultants for the sales, field and design technicians, we can guarantee a 360° service. In addition to what mentioned, we also dispose of a stable reparation service.
In our traditional showroom you will have the opportunity to admire a continuously up to date selection of materials, which can satisfy every need and desire, whether they relate to sizes and colors, that interior and exterior works.
In the special showroom dedicated just to stone, our customers can admire this material in every shape and manufacture. We like to consider stone not just as coating for pavements and walls, but also as a proper piece of furniture (beds, bookshelves, tables, bathtubs, kitchens, writing desks, etc…). Furthermore, in this showroom there is the possibility to purchase sculptures and stone objects, such as pure fossilized ammonites and minerals.
The wide range of services that we offer includes an outlet in which our customers have the opportunity to purchase directly from our storage, other than materials also silicones, cement glue and other more.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence