About Us

Based on over 25 years of accumulated professional experience, New Pace Consulting has helped to improve performance and implement solid growth foundations for a wide variety of organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to mid-size companies and small startups.

We have been supporting clients in defining and implementing strategies, streamlining operations, setting up business processes for growth, raising employee commitment to a new level, improving leadership effectiveness, reinforcing customer centricity, and aligning sales teams.

Headquartered in Switzerland to serve our clients in Europe, New Pace has recently opened a new office in Toronto, Canada to serve the North American market.

In most of our projects, the highest potential for performance improvements and growth can befound within the organization. Consequently, our focus lies on unleashing the already-existing talent, knowledge, and energy, occasionally enhancing these by investments in structural, process, or system changes.
Depending on the individual starting position, we partner with our clients to improve some or all of these levers for profitable growth and sustainably high performance:

+ Clarity and simplicity of mission, vision, strategy, and business model
+ Execution discipline, the culture of “getting things done”
+ Leadership effectiveness
+ Employee commitment and inspiration
+ Customer centricity
+ Operational excellence

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence