About Us

Experienced, trusted and professional – we are a group of experts in satellite communications. For more than two decades, we have been involved in the developments and technological breakthroughs achieved in the field of satellite telecommunications. We have been part of the industry’s growth and achievements, and today, we offer the highest expertise in the solutions, services and innovations available in the market.

We know the products and their capabilities thoroughly and we are here to share our insight with you. Who better is there to offer you professional advice and guide you in choosing the communication solutions and products best suited for your individual needs? Based on our intimate knowledge of the products available, we have put together a portfolio of the leading technology.

Our solutions are tried and trusted by numerous customers who have valued our know-how at Satellite Communications SA for the last15 years. We provide reliable, cutting-edge products and services to numerous sectors and can keep you connected everywhere, in all situations, all the time.

In areas with limited or no terrestrial networks, during disasters and emergencies, out in the middle of an ocean, or in the harshest environments, our products will give you steadfast connectivity and provide you with all your communication requirements.

We understand the need to be connected, whether it’s for operations or to stay in touch with those afar. With our range of products, we have you covered, regardless of your location. Running on the world’s leading networks, our extensive range of products provide quality voice and data solutions. Satellite Communication SA is a leading global provider of satellite communication solutions for both land and maritime usage. With our expertise, we can offer you tailored services ideally suited for sectors including NGOs, government, financial services, oil and gas, transportation and maritime. Let us keep you connected, no matter what.

Business size

1-10 employees

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